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About Me

I have always been the kind of person who is constantly writing some sort of a story in her mind. When I hear about, or see a person I don’t know, I find myself wondering all sorts of things about them: how they talk, who or what they love, what drives them. I also do this when I hear songs- I imagine the whole situation or scenario that it is based on, complete with characters, setting, and plot line. I let it play out in my mind as I listen. I just assumed that everyone did this. As you can imagine, I daydream quite a bit. I have to be careful, as I’ve been told that I seem to drift into my own thoughts, or more politely, that I look “deep in thought”. Please know that this is nothing personal- it is just my imagination at work!


Writing is one of the great loves of my life because it allows me to get all of these thoughts out in a way that feels very channeled and satisfying. If I don’t write for a few days, I don’t feel like I am firing on all cylinders, but if I have a long, satisfying night of writing after putting my kids to bed, I feel incredible in the morning. Oh, by the way, if you are still reading this and waiting for me to talk about more concrete, practical things, I am not going to. I prefer to talk about how I see things and how I feel, and I hope that’s okay. 


These days, I find myself immersed in children’s literature. And by that, I mean quite literally. I have three enrapturing little boys, each with mountains of mess, I mean books, in their rooms that we read every night. I think I might love some of the stories more than they do. It was probably only a matter of time before I started writing my own. 


My sources of inspiration include Antoine St. Exupery, Shel Silverstein, Beverly Cleary, Judy Blume, Neil Gaiman, J.K. Rowling, Roald Dahl, Matthew Paul Turner, and Victoria Kahn. I don’t expect to write masterpieces that come anywhere close to theirs, but then again I might. I am not going to talk about what is concrete or practical, remember? 

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